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specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Prevention, Detection & Suppression systems.


Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems give your property and its occupants a very crucial level of protection. Automatic fire sprinklers reduce the risk of major fire hazards by controlling the fire right at the onset of fire. These automatic sprinkler systems save water besides protecting the content of the buildings. You will also safeguard yourself against stalling of your business operations and the associated loss through the use of automatic sprinkler systems. Most major fire accidents could be avoided when the right control measures are taken at the early stages of the fire. To make your entire fire prevention system even more effective you will be able to integrate your automatic sprinkler systems to other equipment such as heat and smoke detectors, smoke controllers, air-handling systems and emergency warning alarms. Only when your sprinkler systems are integrated with the other fire safety systems effectively in your building, you will be able to minimize fire risks.

We offer a complete technical infrastructure portfolio for electronic security, fire safety, comfort and energy efficiency in buildings and public places. Customized building- solutions match specific industries.

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  • Our highly experienced team are experts in Fire detection and suppression.
  • We have a good track record for innovative solutions to improve business efficiency for our clients and reduce overheads.
  • Multi-location Service Team spread across India. We even provide specialized personnel to operate the equipment at your site, 24x7x365.
  • We have numerous relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and added-value service providers – we are a Single Point source for all your needs.
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