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Passive Fire Protection System

Fire Doors & Shutters

The role of fire doors and shutters is to save lives during fire accident emergencies. Regardless of the cause of fire human lives are put to serious risk in case of fire accidents and this risk should be effectively addressed. The fire doors and fire shutters are designed too meet the fire safety requirements and can be used in all types of buildings and structures. The idea of fire doors is to minimize the spread of fire by compartmentalizing different sections of the building through the use of fire doors or fire shutters. The fire doors or fire shutters should be used in conjunction with the other fire fighting equipment. While installing the fire doors and fire shutters, the guidelines offered by national building codes and the local fire-fighting and municipal authorities have to be followed. Fire doors and fire shutters come in various specifications ranging from 60 minutes to 240 minutes fire rating. These doors use honeycomb core as the infill material for additional protection. The factory finished doors come in ready to install condition with epoxy primer and polyurethane painting.

Applications Of Fire Doors and Fire Shutters

Fire doors and fire shutters are used in public buildings where huge human traffic is expected such as airports, metro railway stations, high rise buildings, ships, telecom centers, shopping malls, industrial plants, power plants, garment factories, multiplexes, auditoriums, hotels, restaurants, IT parks besides many other buildings.

Motorised Fire Rolling Shutters
Fire Curtains

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