Secure Flames Management
Specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Prevention, Detection & Suppression systems.



Fire Hydrant Systems

One of the best ways to detect firs at the initial stages is to make use of our fire hydrant systems. Our fire hydrant systems will not only detect fire at its initial stages but the system will also automatically dial the fire station or any other preset number to intimate about the fire hazard. The fire hydrant system uses an automatic Carbon Dioxide discharger to give initial protection. The entire system is semi automatic giving you great peace of mind. Our fire hydrant system comes with the following elements.

  • Water reservoir
  • Jockey pump sets
  • Fire pump sets (includes both main and standby)
  • Fire fighting hoses
  • Hydrant valves
  • Branch pipe with nozzles


Fire fighting pipes will be strategically installed based on the norms dictated by NFPA, Tariff Advisory Committee, ISD and Indian Bureau of Standards to ensure the highest standard fire fighting system.

Our fire hydrant system keeps the entire pipeline under press with water. In cases the hydrant valve is open a drastic loss of pressure occurs in the pipelines. The jockey pump fails to cope with the demand resulting in further loss of pressure which triggers the main fire pump. A stand-by fire pump with 100% capacity powered by diesel engine is installed. Our fire hydrant system includes landing valves, couplings, hose reels, hoses, branch pipes and nozzles and fire brigade connectors.