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Fire Detection & Alarm System

The major role of a fire alarm system is to sense fire in the protected space before the actual onset of the physical fire. Fire detection and alarm system uses series of steps to sense the fire threats and to relay the signals tot activate the fire alarm.

Intelligent System

Intelligent fire detection systems make use of the latest technology to intimate the proper authorities of the fire threats at its earliest threats in the fastest way possible. Using intelligent fire detection systems it is possible to find the exact threat areas so that the issue can be resolved in the shortest time with the minimum damage or even before any damage is caused. The intelligent fire alarm systems monitor the protected space 24×7 and even the slightest hint of fire threats triggers the alarms. It is also possible to store information of the events to assess the history of fire alarms and their possible causes to better the fire prevention systems for the future. Intelligent fire alarms also come with the option to convert the data to graphical formats for better perception of the scenario.

Conventional Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems have their own limitations and they are zone based and often it is not possible to pinpoint the exact areas of the threat. It is also not possible to collect or store the history of fire threats like the intelligent fire alarm systems. If you are looking for hi-tech systems then it is best to opt for Intelligent Systems rather than conventional systems. Some of the areas conventional alarms can work effectively include static systems such as fire doors, fire shutters, panic bars, etc.